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A Good News Story for a New Apprentice

Christina from MEGT passed on some great feedback regarding one of our recent information events;

"In November MEGT attended an OELLEN info evening at Box Hill institute Lilydale. The purpose of the event was to engage students with industry and have a better understanding of Apprenticeships and the benefits of undertaking a Trade.

While at the institute I was introduced to Kyle and his parents. Kyle had just completed year 12 and had also done a pre-apprenticeship in building and construction whilst undertaking year 11 the year prior. Kyle had decided he wanted to be a Carpenter. Kyle was provided 6 phone numbers of employers that MEGT work with regularly and contacted me 2 days later to advise he had picked up some work with one of the carpenters I had provided him. The employer was contacted and confirmed should Kyles trial go well the business was in a position to take on another first year apprentice.

The employer FD construct has worked with MEGT for little over 2 years first employing and completing a recommencing apprentice, working as a small carpentry business. The business has restructured and now operates with 2 directors who both work hands on with their Apprentices and a third full time carpenter. The business has 3 Apprentices and also engages with casual labourers to assist as required

Kyle is the 3rd active Apprentice with Fraser Wilson and Daniel Munro of FD construct and the 4th apprentice signed up with Daniel Munro (one from his prior business). Kyle is signed into his apprenticeship and will be commencing at Swinburne early 2020. At the sign up Daniel and MEGT discussed delivery options of carpentry and a conversation was had with Kyle as to how he felt he would best learn his trade. Kyle will be undertaking a Tafe based delivery.  Daniel said of his time at Tradeshool "it's a lot of fun,  but you also learn a lot. I want you to use your time with FD Construct and at Tradeschool to learn how to be a great carpenter"

Thank you to Christina, MEGT, Swinburne University, FD Construct and we wish Kyle the very best! 



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